COBA was started by a group of UC Berkeley students. As students, we were always struggling to find a balance between school, sleep, and a social life. Like many, we chose to give up sleep and coffee became our source of life. But when you're a student juggling work, studies, and friends it can be hard to find time to make your own coffee or to wait in line at a cafe. We needed an easier alternative.

That’s why we created COBA, The Coffee Bar. A convenient, portable, and affordable form of coffee that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. If you’ve ever fallen asleep in class, needed coffee when all the shops were closed, or were too busy to go and grab a coffee, COBA is for you.

Each COBA contains the caffeine equivalent of one cup of coffee. By re-engineering coffee from a liquid to solid, we make it easier than ever to get you the energy you need. You’ll never have to worry about planning for your next coffee run with COBA on hand. Plus it’s shelf-stable and deliciously satisfying! Are you convinced yet? Purchase COBA for yourself to see how COBA can keep you on track to get SH*T done.